How to play

Hide & Find is a great app. You can enjoy a lot of fun playing it with your friends. It's easy. Hide an animal into the real photo and share it with someone else. You can share the game with more friends. Try to hide an animal on place, where no one of your friends would expect it and have fun with them finding your animal. Enjoy playing

Sign in to Hide & Find app using your Facebook account. Once you are signed in, you can create a new game tapping the Hide button or tapping the Find button to open the game your opponent created for you. Browse your games or your opponent's games in Hide history or Find history. Or share Hide & Find app with other people, so they can play too. These options are available from the right navigation menu.

Creating a new game is very easy. Just take a photo of something around you or pick one from the gallery. Choose one of the animals and hide it by placing your finger on the desired spot. Until you keep the finger down, the animal size changes. Even after the animal is hidden, you can still move it to new position by holding and dragging it. When you're done, share it with your friends by using your favourite messenger. When you get message with link to Hide & Find game, click on it and try your best searching for an animal your friend hidden for you. After you find it, your friend will be notified about your score. You can share it on your Facebook wall so other friends could join you in playing Hide & Find.

Have fun!️